Sheep farm in the area of George, with 2 separate houses, 4 garages and 2 store rooms


This sheep farm is situated in the suburb of Geelhoutboom, in the area of George. The property is strategically situated and very close to the airport of George.

The total area of the property is approximately 8,8 hectares and has 2 houses.

The first house has 3 bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms: In the second house you have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. In this house you also have 1 comfortable flat of 1 bedroom.

The property is provided with water and municipal electricity. Other advantages of this farm are the 4 garages available and the 2 store rooms of 400 and 75 m².

Lage & Umgebung:

George is a very popular city in South Africa. It is situated in the province of the Western Cape. It is very well known as being conference and holiday center. The region has an Oceanic climate. Summers here are warm and winters are more or less mild or chilly.

Concerning attractions of the city, it has quite sophisticated infrastructure and offers to its inhabitants lots of banks, business and shopping centers, transport but also sport facilities. The Garden Route Shopping Center was recently built. The city of George is located on Garden Route but also a half way of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

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400 m²






$ 699.381,-